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7 Tips How To Home School Effectively

Updated: May 26, 2020

Many families with school aged children have been forced into homeschooling and doing remote learning during the corovid19 pandemic. For some it has been a struggle, but for others, it has been successful.

How To Make #remotelearning Fun

  1. Setting up a flexible routine that works with the rhythm of your family. If your children work better in the afternoon after spending the morning running around and playing, then work with that rather than forcing strict times that aren’t flexible.

  2. Get the appropriate support with online learning. Don’t be alone or be afraid to ask for help.

  3. Having a great space and learning area to encourage children to work on their own. Have stations set up so the children can work independently like an art area, or quiet reading space.

  4. Collecting resources for crafts and sports activities - gather natural outdoor pieces like leaves, bark and shells, while out on walks, to create with.

  5. Finding social groups and clubs for the kids to hang with their friends.

  6. Setting up fun physical activities and making it fun. Create obstacle courses and treasure hunts.

  7. Be kind to yourself and allow for bad days. It’s okay if things don’t go to plan. Try not to sweat the small stuff. Tomorrow is a new day. If you are relaxed, the kids will be relaxed.

Our own experience in 2007 when we moved from NZ to the UK with three children aged 12, 10 and 8. We homeschooled for a short three months while we settled but it was such a crazy experience. We received our work in the post and included in the parcels were tape cassettes! We had to go to a second hand shop and buy a stereo system that had a tape cassette player in it. Needless to say, our time was not very successful though we did try. I can certainly relate to an extent what parents are going through now.

One thing that is vastly different now is the sophisticated online remote learning that is available. The technology we have on hand now is incredible. This is supposing that computers in households are readily accessible. Being able to zoom directly in a class environment or one on one, and being able to meet with friends in online clubs is truly a saving grace during this time. The quality of programs and apps that are both easy and fun to use are outstanding.

An important aspect of homeschooling is having a quality of space that doesn’t mess up your home and other areas of general living. Usually this would be the dining room or lounge and bedrooms. This will, in the long term be frustrating and non productive. If you are in the position of having space in the garden, this may be a great time to install a garden room. But not any shed or summer house. A multi purpose warm cosy room that will add value to your property and as your family grows, the purposes within it.


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