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How To Build A Garden Room You Can Be Proud Of

Do you need a garden room and not sure where to start? Here are 5 tips to choosing your garden room for your needs.

1. Planning a garden room

The first thing to think about is deciding how you will use your garden room. How and with what will you use it the most?

Do you need to work from home? Working in the main house may not be ideal with family needing space and you need a quiet environment to be productive.

You have always wanted your own home gym and have invested in gym equipment for a regular exercise regime. Maybe you’ve dreamed of creating a quiet haven for yoga and meditation. Or on the opposite scale a disco dance room for social gatherings with friends.

Families with uni students coming back home and needing their own space, or blended families with extra children needing play zones or a games room with a pool table.

There are so many different and unique uses depending on your work, family, hobbies and activities.

Most garden rooms are created with multiple purposes. In one section could be a games and entertainment cinema area, and the home gym in another part. Also storage is a big feature and this can be cleverly disguised into the design.

The garden room adds quality space to play and growing children and teens to hang out. Also great for storage of the garden games.
Growing family enjoying quality garden space with the studio

Talking with a professional like ourselves can help consolidate your ideas and how you can incorporate your activities in a creative and productive way. Chatting through your ideas, we listen to how we can offer a quality living space that not only looks amazing, but is functional and practical with its use. We know how to make it work for you and can offer solutions that you may not have even thought of.

2. What timber to use for your garden room?

Our favourite timber is cedar as in our namesake. Cedar is a stunning and versatile timber being aesthetically beautiful as well as functional. When oiled and maintained, it’s warm gold tones are opulent and inviting. Left untreated the timber weathers to a rustic grey. Cedar’s natural and long lasting qualities include resistance to rot, decay and naturally repels insects. It is a durable wood that insulates and is breathable. It is ecological being renewable, biodegradable and is sustainably-sourced from managed forests.

Don’t want cedar? That’s perfectly okay. We also use other quality materials and timber to get your desired design.

Shou-sugi-ban is burnt and charred timber cladding although labour intensive is very stunning with a rustic black finish.

Or what about a completely alternative and different cladding like colour steel for example. Depending on the ultimate look and finish you can be creative with river stones, brick or using a combination of materials.

Cedar timber has depth of colour, longevity, mould and insect resistant, and has the most amazing smell.
The kings timber. Stunning cedar that stands the test of time.

3. How much does a garden room cost?

A bespoke garden room custom built with quality materials will obviously be a different cost to a quick self installation of a garden shed. There are many things to take into consideration with the type of foundation you choose. Insulating a garden room is a very important factor and connecting the room for electricity. Will you be needing wifi connections so cabling will need to considered. Do you envisage a deck around your garden room with eaves. Extra items may be added like air conditioning, sound systems, toilet, and security for example. These will increase the price or can be added in later when budget allows.

And of course choosing a qualified and experienced builder.

Prices are £1000 per square metre and for the unit start from £25,000. Deciding on the type of windows and doors, the roof finish and cladding.

We work with you in design. We know how to get a great finish and look while being able to spend less and not compromising the quality of the building.

The existing shed was reclad in rough sawn cedar timber to match the new cedar studio in Surrey, UK.
Rough sawn cedar timber storage room in a rural setting

4. Will a garden room add value to my property?

A quality garden room is indeed a worthy investment for your property. They stand the test of time and look stunning. With a contemporary modern and well made finish these will most definitely add value to your property. Gone are the old fashioned drafty summer houses/sheds with untreated timber that fall apart and rot away. It’s all about doing living well.

With our Cedar Living designs, these are built for long lasting quality.

5. How big can a garden room be without planning?

Most garden rooms do not require planning permission if they are built with the following:

  • one metre from boundary

  • no more than three metres in height

  • no more than 30 square metres

  • not to be used for accommodation

If you want to use your garden room as self contained accommodation or an annex, you must apply for planning permission and meet building regulations. This also includes plumbing and waste for a toilet.

Our qualified builder can help you navigate and advise you on all this. Call and book a free chat. We love to listen and help guide you in your decisions.

This garden room started out as a games hang out room, but also got turned into an office during the Covid19 pandemic lockdown.
Multiple purposes are popular with our clients


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